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Matt Wiley has 20+ years of experrience building historic homes and large scale commercial restoration projects.  Matthew’s father taught and trained him in the carpentry and building trades from 12 years old and on. As his father was a general foreman builing residential homes Matt was trained in lumber calculation for project management in his early teens.  Time saving job order, and the use of custom made ‘jigs’ to speed repetitive tasks was taught and practiced from Matt’s formative years.  Matt moved from the rural hills of western virginia to Richmond’s most historic district – Church Hill before it was popular.  Building the late 90’s and early 2000’s in Church Hill Matthew found a severe shortage in historically accurate building materials that caused a project management problem in restoring the row houses of the 19th century.  From balusters to windows, historically correct materials where nearly unavailailable and using vinyl windows in a beautiful 3 story six digit home just did not keep the aestetic alive.

And in a beautiful turn of fate Matthew had the opportunity to buy “Beckstoffer’s Millwork” at 1207 N 28th Street in the early 2000’s.  At that point the facility was 100 years old and many of the tools and records were still in tact.  The formative experience of a lifelong craftsman was now turned to the speciaty that provides a lifetime of challenge and project variety.  Throughout the real estate boom and urban return of the 2000’s Matthew ran a shop of 20+ employees supplying everything from basic kitchens to historic retrofits of much of Tobacco Row warehouse conversions.  In the full market stop of the financial crisis of 09; Matthew’s operation had to re-size with the rest of the industry and it was the demand for historically accurate building supplies that carried Matthew’s interest, as well as cashflow.

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The Tax Reform Act of 1986

Regulations provide a federal income-tax credit for owners of historic buildings that undergo substantial rehabilitations into income-producing uses. A credit equal to 20% of a rehabilitation’s qualified rehabilitation expenditures may be subtracted directly from the owner’s federal income taxes. A program of the National Park Service (NPS), the federal tax credits are administered by the State.


Historic Building Tax Credit Benefits

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Window Restoration Professionals USA

Historic Window Craftsmen Virginia
Washington DC Historic Window Craftsmen

Washington DC Historic Window Craftsmen

Keeping your old windows and restoring them is the green thing to do. Why throw the old windows into a landfill when they could be restored and given a new life? It’s much more environmentally friendly to keep the old windows.

Northern VA Historic Window Craftsmen

Northern VA Historic Window Craftsmen

The energy efficiency of restored and weather-stripped windows- when combined with a decent storm window- is usually pretty close to that of a typical replacement window. Gepetto Craftsmen carefully and skillfully glaze the windows for modern energy efficiency.

Complex Historic Window Restoration Contractor

Complex Historic Window Restoration Contractor

The payback period for new replacement windows- the number of years it will take to recoup the expense of the windows through the energy savings- can be as long as 40-60 years becuase the energy savings per window is so small. It usually doesn’t make sense economically to replace old windows.

After 120 years, any product will look worn. What you don’t see in your wooden windows is what they look like refurbished: wood repaired where soft, stripped and repainted, clean putty applied, new glass where broken, weatherstripped and replaned to close tight as a drum. When its weights are balanced, a repaired window glides up and down in its frame with two fingers and stays open at any height you like. The top sash slides up and down, too, for those summer days you want to let the hot air out from upstairs.

When combined with an exterior storm window, refurbished windows perform as well as standard replacement windows for energy savings. (Most window replacement companies don’t compare their products to refurbished windows, they compare them to loose, drafty windows before repair). The best part is, your refurbished wooden window will last another century before it needs to go into the shop with a little bit of care, such as spot painting and replacing the puddy every 30 years. Most stardard replacement windows are expected to last 5 to 20 years before they warp, crack or de-gas — and they can’t be repaired. Failed replacement windows must be torn out, thrown out, and replaced each time they fail. When you restore your wooden windows, not only do you preserve the ancient slow-growth wood they’re made out of, but nothing goes into the landfill. If you pay to have your windows repaired, your money stays in the local economy.


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