Only 10 to 12 percent of heat loss in a house is through the windows.
Most is lost through the roof, walls, and fireplaces.

It takes 126 times the energy to  manufacture an aluminum window
as it does to repair an existing wood windowz(1).

30 percent of “lifetime warranty” windows are replaced within 10 years.(2)

Consider what window upgrades will bring you the best value for your money?

Wooden parts of historic windows
can be replaced.

 Vinyl and aluminum cannot.

Historic Window Restoration Service Virginia
Historic Window Restoration Service Virginia
Historic Window Restoration Service Virginia
Historic Window Restoration Service Virginia

We restore old windows - more by volume than any other shop in Virginia! We currently have over 500 sashes in for restoration and are glad to get your #historicwindows in line. Its not glamorous, its hard work, elbow grease and an eye for detail and assessment of every sash. #oldwindows #historicpreservation

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VCU SCOTT HOUSE Window Restoration

                  THE SCOTT HOUSE is one of Richmond’s most significant examples of American Renaissance architecture and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was completed in 1911 and acquired by...

Accoya Approved Manufacturer VA

We have been using Accoya Acetylated wood for exterior applications since it's introduction into the United States market in 2012. Acetylated wood stands truer and weather's better - read the acdemic articles below to start your education for specifiying the...

Accoya Wood Window Builder VA

Windows made of Accoya Acetylated Wood In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains craftsmanship meets innovation in the form of Solid Wood windows made at Gepetto of Accoya Acetylated Wood.  Your new windows will stand as a testament to old world historic quality and...

Historically Accurate Wooden Shutters

Handmade Wooden Shutters are a fixture in Virginia Historic Preservation Gepetto has specific tooling and craftsmen to supply historic renovationAccurate Materials and Technique restore with integrity to the core. Historic preservation supplier for millwork, doors,...

custom arc and round Top doors, gates & Windows

In the world of construction and preservation, few elements evoke the same sense of wonder and complexity as round windows in historic buildings. These architectural marvels have graced our cities for centuries, captivating the imagination with their intricate designs...

Unique wooden and Historic Window Makers in the South East US

Windows are not only functional elements in a building but also serve as aesthetic highlights, especially in historic structures. The South East United States boasts a rich architectural heritage, and preserving the authenticity of historic buildings is of paramount...

Historic Wooden WIndows Pressure TEsted Performance

In order to pass installation and certification in some of the larger commercial restorations our windows have been placed in testing chambers to prove their durability against other industry products.  So far, we have passed with flying colors.  With the insight from...

Montgomery Building Spartansburg SC

Spartansburg SCUnique wooden and Historic Window Makers in the South East USMontgomery Building Spartansburg SC Project Details Project Awards: Preservation South Carolina, Honor Award, 2021 Spartanburg County Historical Association, Peggy T. Gignilliat Preservation...

Arch, Round Top, and Radius Window Builder

Arch, Round Top, and Radius Window Builder supplying historic projects in Virginia

Historic Renovation | Replica Wooden Windows

Timelapse video of Replica Wooden Windows being built on our woodshop assembly line in Richmond VA. Built for a historic renovation in Spartansburg SC our craftsmen forge raw mahogony planks into finely tuned handmade windows.

Custom built wood skylights

Original skylights were designed in historic buildings to play a significant architectural role in illuminating the magnificent interior spaces below them.  Historic skylights were placed to catch the light not have easy access for repair so and so are poorly...

Window Restoration and Preservation tips for homeowners in Virginia:

Preservation Brief 9—The Repair of Historic Wooden Windows by John H. Myers

Preservation Brief 13 – The Repair and Thermal Upgrading of Historic Steel Windows by Sharon C. Park, AIA

Building Information Center: Windows —National Trust for Historic Preservation


Energy Efficiency: Windows —Common Sense Preservation

Historic Windows and Energy Efficiency —Preservation North Carolina by Sarah Donahue Wolff

Historic Wood Windows Tip Sheet —National Trust for Historic Preservation

“How to Repair Sash Windows”  – This Old House by Thomas Baker

Press Release —“New Study Shows Window Retrofits Provide Significant Energy Savings at Less Cost Than Full Window Replacement”

“Saving Windows, Saving Money: Evaluating the Energy Performance of Window Replacement and Retrofit” —Study by Preservation Green Lab

Suggested Books for learning preservation

To learn more about making historic buildings more sustainable, read:
Green Restorations, by Aaron Lubeck.

To learn more about repairing and restoring your historic wooden windows, read:
Window Preservation Standards by the Window Preservation Standards Collaborative.

Historic Window Restoration Service Virginia
Historic Window Restoration Service Virginia
Historic Window Restoration Service Virginia
Historic Window Restoration Service Virginia
historically accurate shutters built in virginia
South Carolina Wooden Window Supplier