Bright Green Details

Do you want to pull your bag of coffee grounds from behind bright green glass knobs, and enjoy the unusual and varied texture of your Pecky Cyprus cabinetry fronts as you ponder your thoughts in the morning?

Great – we’re the kitchen designer for you!!! We delight in materials, and if we need to go tear down a barn for your kitchen, bar or interior details…

We will

Hide the Clutter

Have you noticed that when you let a little clutter start…
…a lot of clutter soon builds up.

We can hide your appliances in cabinetry.
We can design your laundry bins out of sight with the washer and dryer.

…hide your clutter in good design!

Classic Elegance

Step beyond the orginary

Step above the ornate

Let materials speak in your kitchen

Let the spaces connect.

Call us for a kitchen consultation

We have over ten years experience designing, refurbishing, renovating and correcting poor construction in kitchens all across Virginia.

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Residential Woodworking Virginia

Modern homeowners have become accustomed to traveling to Ikea to solve storage issues they face as their family grows, instead of turning to a local craftsman to build a sturdy set of shelves to withstand the daily wear and tear their little soccer players throw around with their cleats.  Ikea and similar products use a substitute for solid wood, called medium density fiber board to build with because inch for inch it’s cheap.  We are glad to build you a shoe shelf in solid wood – but we can’t compete with the economics of Walmart.  However, if you like the idea of a shoe shelf with a beautiful solid wood grain or live edge strong enough for your little troupers to sit on for the full 18 years of their growth and development – give us a ring to quote your project.  We can help you pick a walnut or dark grained look to stand out against a white wall.  Or we can help you find a burled oak or other exotic grain structure to frame the shoe tying lessons with your three year old – and the life lesson talks with your 16 year old.

Set your sites on multi-generational quality

You can get a $20 bench seat organizer from Target – but we are here for you if you wish to frame the experience of raising your family on furniture, storage or other custom elements that will carry the memories, the warmth and the love of all those experiences through several generations.  It was the perspective of your grandparents, and we are here to serve the design to build needs of anyone seeking to have heirloom style pieces created.

I’m so thrilled with the simple and effective kitchen renovations Gepetto did in our older home.  I don’t mind my two boys climbing on the drawers and cabinet doors when I’m not looking because I know they’re built to last.  I love the warm cozy feeling that the reclaimed wood gives the space and the solid wood, live edge table they made for us also takes a beating, but I just see the developing dents as love-marks I can cherish as memories when my boys have grown and gone.  Thanks Gepetto for making our renovation feel like home!

Mother of Two


When we speak of trends, we concern ourselves with changes, with shifts in style from here to there and back again. Trends are peripheral, yet we can lose ourselves in too blind a concern for them. Central to the changes is something else. If we have to give a name to this centrality, and I guess we do, one name is “Spirit.” Every fashion, every trend, every style may function as a gateway to the central significance of the aesthetic experience if the individual persists. That is, though we follow trends or get on bandwagons we can always get off and head towards the eternal significance, Spirit. At best styles and trends and fashions are but clothes for the raison d’etre of any art. At the worst, fashions, styles and trends function as traps for the unwary. I will treat here of a tradition, a concept and a discipline, namely the concept or theory called “Equivalence,” by which any style, fashion or trend may be worked through to something beyond the conformism of competition.

~ Minor White, PSA Journal, Vol. 29, No. 7, pp. 17-21, 1963
      Equivalence: The Perennial Trend

Residential Woodworking Projects

Rustic Aesthetic REal wood Manufacturer

Gepetto Millworks in Richmond, Virginia, excels in creating custom wood furniture, accentuating Rustic, Country Chic, and farmhouse styles. Popular across Virginia, these aesthetics are cherished for their warmth and connection to nature. Gepetto provides tailored services to design architects, focusing on species, placement, and affordability. Their handcrafted millwork is perfect for modern homes, restaurants, and offices, blending historic charm with durability. They repurpose wood from dilapidated Virginia barns, infusing interiors with character. Custom restaurant furnishings emphasize natural wood, while office spaces mix vintage and contemporary with personalized carpentry. Gepetto’s dedication to craftsmanship and client collaboration elevates spaces with timeless design and comfort.

Arch, Round Top, and Radius Window Builder

Arch, Round Top, and Radius Window Builder supplying historic projects in Virginia

Country Chic Interior Design for Fabrication The country charm of the rolling blue ridge hills opens in to a delightfully designed 19th century farmhouse.  The reclaimed barnwood used for paneling has dated period newspaper adhered to the finish for an authentic...

Hide your Kitchen Apliances

I remember the first time I saw a kitchen with appliances tucked away behind cabinet doors. I was a little confused — where was the refrigerator? The dishwasher? They blended right into the kitchen! What do you think about this look? Would you like your appliances...

Country Chic style created by reclaimed barn wood

Renovate your historic property with the organic look and feel of ‪‎reclaimed ‬lumber on the walls, floors or as purpose built furniture! In this property tour you can see how the ‪‎Country Chic‬ elements blend together with the weathered and faded walls built by Gepetto from an old barn.

Through the eyes of a wood craftsman

Do you love the natural and inviting look of wood? Then you’ll love our unique kitchen and living space designs made from reclaimed lumber.