From the design stage to building, Gepetto Millworks covers all aspects of the historic restoration process in Virginia. The participation in the design to build process ensures the outcome fit’s historic photos, uses authenticated materials, built by hand by Virginia Craftsmen. Our Design/Build approach teams up with General contractors in consulting, installation, or just parts supply for the 3D design drawn to specification. Being on the same team from early in concept and architectural stage of the process supports shared values and guides the expectations of the historic restoration. Meeting a client’s expectations presents the largest challenge in the building trades and so we work tirelessly to ensures the design meets practical and possible building techniques.

Mount Vernon Historic Site Building Materials


Mount Vernon Historic Site Building Materials

Historic Restoration Contractor

Historic restoration building is more a labor-of-love than any other type of construction trade. The builder must develop and follow guidelines from historic preservation commissions to build authentically. Today’s common building techniques do not often use the same techniques for structural integrity and can present problems for modern zoning inspectors who may be unfamilliar with the techniques. Building materials that accurately represent the period of the structure and its neighborhood dont’ exist – that’s where Gepetto Millworks shines. Our skilled shop workers can produce one-of-a-kind or on-off historically accurate pieces. We partner with experienced restoration and preservation services in supplying all of Virginia’s historic renovation projects. Adaptive re-use of warehouses, industrial spaces and abandoned schools are also employing creative use of millwork to bring usability to the interior architectural spaces. Additions to historic structures can be done with authenticity and character bringing life to abandoned structures. One of the east coast’s prominent historic preservationists, Kerry Shackleford @ Museum Resources recognizes that restoration is costly, time-consuming, labor-intensive and requires a great deal of specialty materials that he specifies and sources from Gepetto Millworks. “We don’t want to scare people away from restoration projects, but advise them to be realistic in the evaluation of the cost of the project through research, evaluation, accurate architectural drawings and shop drawings.”

Historic Warehouse Wooden Window Restoration


Historic Warehouse Wooden Window Restoration

Historic Building Projects

Gepetto Millworks LLC lead by Matthew Wiley and comprised of restoration craftsmen dedicated to the preservation of our historic architecture in the Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, Outer Banks, and North Carolina regions. We offer the knowledge and experience to reproduce and repair the elements that compose architectural legacies from the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s and 1900’s. Our experiences is built from the tobacco warehouses of the lower Richmond industrial pan and the Church Hill historic neighborhood out to the plantation manor and Williamsburg VA we have developed an efficient and cost effective shop to produce unique and on off wood products. The expertise to preserve or reproduce a historic structure in its entirety has been demonstrated in Glen Roy, Thomas House, Mt. Vernon & many other projects. We take pride in merging traditional wood production with the speed and cost needs of modern building projects. Gepetto is a harmonious additions to any construction team building in period carpentry to match the original archtectural woodworking.


Historic Tax Credit Building Projects

Historical Structures Supplier

Historical structures reflect the human society and physical landscape that created them. This heritage of historical process presents the close attention of the new builders to creating life places that work for our climate and path. Their innovation rules are equally applicable today as they were centuries ago. The fact that they have lasted to the present proves the success of past technologies and appropriate usage of materials at contemporary construction methods.

Historic Tax Credit Building Supplier


Historic Tax Credit Building Materials Supplier

Historic Restoration Virginia

    Historic Restoration of:

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    • Wooden Doors
    • Staircases, Landings, Newells
    • Historic Homes
    • Historic Storefronts
    • Historic Plantation Homes