Complex Wood Manufacturing

you can ask if we’ve done it before…

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Gepetto has been providing custom manufacturing of designed wood projects for over 10 years from the heart of Richmond.

We build or restore anything made of wood.

Bring us an idea – bring us a drawing – bring us your historic restoration.

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Our Story

Building your dream in Wood

From a three story hanging spiral staircase, to a bar top, to historic stained glass restoration, to modern office interiors Gepetto craftsmen take on the most complex and intricate challenges in the building industry.  Matthew Wiley works closely with architects, project managers and developers to gain tax advantages through the use of historically accurate wooden building materials on large scale commercial projects.

Historic Wooden Windows

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Historic Interiors

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Spiral Staircases

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Matthew Wiley

from Richmond VA

Matthew Wiley’s 20 years of job site experience renovating and restoring historic homes, warehouses, and churches in Richmond has catapulted him to a unique position in the industry.  Transferring his expertise from building single windows and doors he now manages a production facility capable of meeting any project demand.
Historic Tax Credit

Authentic Techniques

If your historic renovation has even the most rotten or un-salvagable pieces Gepetto can craft new solid wood windows, doors, trim, skylights, railings, newel posts to an exact match so that you are eligible for building tax credits for retaining the historic essence of your building.
Commercial or Residential


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What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

“I thought the wooden skylights on my Shockhoe Bottom building had to be trashed and some new solution devised because I had searched for someone for the project for 6 months online. Then one day I found Gepetto on Facebook and they knew the historic character of my building to match and had the project finished in less time than it took me to find them.” ~Steve : Richmond

“Unmatched engineering”

“Our construction company took on a very large historic renovation and we were committed to modern standards of strength and energy efficiency.  We assumed that the wooden windows of the original construction would not meet modern standards.  Matthew disagreed, and so we put him to the test.  His windows passed, and 460 installs later they add to the exterior and interior authenticity of the historic character like I have never seen before!” ~ Andrew : South Carolina

“restored hope”

“The Church had lost hope looking at the detail of the stained glass support arches and ovals no-one else was willing or able to repair our historic church after it had fallen into disrepair from inadequite maintenance.  Matthew and his crew rebuilt from scratch where other’s told us it couldn’t be done. Now it will last the next century of service inspiring our parishioners.” ~ Pastor Thompson

Craftsman Style HomE Millwork

The term “craftsman” is most commonly associated with the American furniture designer Gustav Stickley. He popularized the concepts of handcrafted, functional design in his magazine, “The Craftsman.” Craftsman-style homes gained popularity in newly developing cities in the Midwest and West Coast, inspiring new movements such as the Bungalow, Prairie School, and Mission Revival styles.

The craftsman’s style’s simplicity and practicality had a broad appeal, so it spread widely across cities all over the United States and is still popular today. Contemporary home designs often incorporate architectural elements that are reminiscent of craftsman style, even though many of them are not strictly craftsman-style.

Virginia Federal Period Doors & Millwork

The Federal Period, spanning from the late 18th to the early 19th century, was a crucial era in American architecture that saw the emergence of distinct design elements and principles. In Virginia, during this period, homes became symbols of refined taste and...

Rustic Aesthetic REal wood Manufacturer

Rustic, Country Chic, and farmhouse style aesthetics have gained immense popularity with interior design across Virginia, West Virginia, North & South Carolina the core service areas Gepetto delivers custom wood built millwork within. The appeal boils down to...

circular architectural wood elements turned on a lathe

The art of turning wood on a lathe to create circular architectural elements is a blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and aesthetic vision. This practice, integral to woodworking and architecture, has evolved over centuries, adapting to changing styles and...

Turning Service for Bulk Orders

Gepetto Millworks, based in the blue ridge mountains of Virginia has established a strong reputation over the past three decades for custom manufacturing wood projects. Their expertise spans a wide range of woodwork, from building or restoring any wooden item to...

Historic Replica Wood TUrning

As the lathe begins to spin, the world outside fades away. There's only the wood and me, connected in a dance as old as time. The whirring sound of the lathe blends with the distant calls of birds, creating a symphony that guides my movements. My hands, guided by...

Clerestory restoration parts and service

Clerestoryrestoration Parts or SERVICEExperienced restoration of historic clerestory & skylights by Virginia Carpenters.  Gepetto has the experience and shop tooling to solve anything from water leaks to full rebuild and fabrication in our...

Mount Vernon Fences

Full passthrough mortise joints.Hand smithed historically accurate gate hinges.Virginia, often referred to as the "Mother of Presidents," boasts a rich historical heritage that includes the homes and estates of some of America's most iconic figures. One such historic...

Virginia Made

Contemplating progress on this #historic project in downtown #spartansburg #sc. Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of seeing your work come together, I’m sure the whole town feels the same way to see their abandoned street corner come back to life. Thanks @themontgomerybldg for the vision and choosing us for your historic #craftsmanship