Unique Office Interior Fabrication

Office spaces are where we live out %50 of our lives, so shouldn’t they be enjoyable?

Your company has worked countless hours to win your clients

Impress them when they come for a visit

Your employees are your greatest asset

Keep them inspired and functioning smooth with beautifully designed spaces

Playspace for Workspace

Office space as play space?

Yep – the most successful companies in the world employ the technique!

For companies like Google, which require smart, creative and in-demand workers  offices offer a competitive edge when trying to attract young and intelligent employees.

Redesign, revamp or renovate your office with playful touches.

Feed our Bodies & our Minds

Social interaction between co-workers improves company performance and creative problem solving.

But in a task and target driven modern technological workforce, the human face time is at a premium.

Providing full kitchen services keeps the workforce fueled in healthy fare.

The unexpected benefits show up with the relationship time around food and the problem solving that result from the relationships.

Gepetto has years of experience in both Kitchen design & construction as well as Office Space build outs.

Present your Brand -- Entice your Workforce

Get your company’s brand energy into their workspace!


More than enough research has show the effectiveness of mixed use areas allowing exchange of ideas and creativity.


Set the tone of your entryway, conference rooms and group space using creatively designed architectural millwork.

Conference Room Textures

Do your employees dread heading to the conference room?

A new architectural design can keep it from being a cave, and encourage the collaboration and problem solving that needs to happen around that table.

Gepetto builds solid wood tables to fit the seating numbers you need.

We specialize in unique hardwoods and antiqued and distressed styles to ensure your conference space is unique.

“Creating a cool office space interior can and should reflect a company’s culture,” says Samantha Zupan, a Glassdoor spokesperson. “It can be a sense of pride for employees and an attractive selling point to recruits. Depending on how you design the workplace, it can offer a host of benefits. For example, an area with video games gives employees a chance to decompress and not focus on work for a little while, or a meeting area that’s filled with color and interesting structures could help stir up employees’ creative juices.” Design and fabrication services under one roof ensure efficient project management for your office space build out.

Office Space Builder

For creative agencies, long gone are the days of dull and drab cubicle office interiors, with employers realizing that inspiring surroundings can have a direct effect on their employees’ creativity. They don’t have to be located in famous buildings – a tranquil setting, games area, or amazing design office mural can help to stir the creative juices. Richmond & Northern Virginia creative office space manufacture and fabrication services by Gepetto bring the full creativity of your Architect to life in your space.

Sherry Burton Ways, an interior designer, color therapist, and author of Feel Good Spaces: A Guide to Decorating Your Home for Body, Mind And Spirit says things like noise, lack of privacy, poor lighting, poor ventilation, poor temperature control, or inadequate sanitary facilities can create a stressful work environment. “Marketing research has shown that approximately 80% of what we perceive or experience is based upon the visual sense of our environment,” she says. “Most office design is uninspired. Therefore, work environments create uninspired and stressful employees.”
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Creative Office Space Fabrication Virginia
Creative Office Space Fabrication Virginia
Engaged employees can boost a company’s bottom line by up to 20 percent.3 These employees are emotionally invested in and focused on creating value for their organizations. In a survey across 142 countries, however, only 13 percent of employees reported feeling engaged in their jobs. 4

Disengaged workers — those who are negative or even hostile to their organizations — outnumber engaged employees by nearly two to one.4 Companies with disengaged employees experience 30 to 50 percent more turnover. 3

The workplace can engage employees by acting as a communication tool that aids in celebrating individual or team contributions, broadcasting organizational goals or objectives, and providing spaces for effective collaboration. Involving employees in the design or retrofit of a workplace also provides a wonderful opportunity for engagement.

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Employee Engagement

Flexible work – allowing employees to work when, how and where they choose – generally receives a positive response. Thirty percent of employees with easy access to flexible work arrangements report feeling very engaged in their jobs. Compare this to the 19 percent engagement among those with moderate flexibility and the 10 percent engagement among those with little access to flexibility. Sixty percent of employees with high access to office interior flexibility are very satisfied with their jobs, compared with 44 percent of those with moderate access and only 22 percent of those with low access.

Activity Zones

Because the nature of today’s work is so complex and unpredictable, a single, all-purpose workstation doesn’t cut it for most knowledge workers.7 Workplace designers need to provide a variety of “activity settings,” or purpose-built areas for specific activities accessible to all in their office interiors.

Activity settings might include impromptu meeting areas, formal meeting spaces, project rooms, individual work spaces or break areas that make up for the shortcomings of exclusively cellular or open-plan environments. One size does not fit all.

People are the Metric

A 2 to 5 percent increase in staff performance can cover the total cost of providing for their office interior redesign. Financial losses due to absenteeism and “presenteeism” (a loss of workplace productivity from employee health problems or personal issues) account for 4 percent of operating costs when studied. Though the design and construction of buildings comes with a significant cost, this pales in comparison to the cost of compensating employees who are not engaged, healthy and performing at high levels.
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