What do you see in this picture?

Old dilapidated barn used for reclaimed lumber

An old dilapidated barn?  Well of course!!! But through the eyes of a skilled Craftsman, you see an outdoor aging process ripe for picking.

Wood can be like wine, getting better with age.  The age shows itself in the richer colors in the wood-grain, the character marks and weather stains.

Do you love the natural and inviting look of wood? Then you’ll love our unique kitchen and living space designs made from reclaimed lumber.

What is reclaimed lumber?

Wood that isn’t rotten, is reusable – reclaiming it from it’s first build is a great way to recycle, but can also give your project a unique look in one of two ways:

  1. The Aging Process: produces unique defects, accentuates grain color and contrast
  2. Unique Trees: modern lumber comes from trees grown for cutting, whereas 100 year old wood from barns, and buildings was lumber harvested from naturally grown trees – giving a different and amazing rich contrast that young trees just can not do. If you are looking to give your Barn a new life. Let us help with you ideas.