washington dc luxury restaurant builder
washington dc luxury restaurant builder
washington dc luxury restaurant builder

We’re here in Washington DC finishing up install cleanup at M street and 11 th for Supra Restaurant.  The restaurant’s beginning is an interesting story in innovation starting on Kickstarter and finished with quality craftsmanship from
Gepetto.  The inspiration of a foreign chef formerly with the Georgian embassy come together to form a restaurant titled “Supra” which was originally crowd funded on
Kickstarter by Laura and Jonathan the visionaries shepherding the vision into existence.

The textured interior design featuring so much rich wood grain on this project was Tom Mulhern at 2 Scales and his 20 plus years of experience designing for restaurant interiors brings to life creative circular square objects the sturdy timelessness of full grain hardwoods. Gepetto produced the CAD drawings into beautifully finished hardwood booths, tables, planters and service stations featured in the photo’s & video.

Stop by supra to have taste dishes foreign to our culture for a refreshing change from American cuisine and look at our good work focused on presenting that food.  If you’re in the business of restaurant design or have a unique vision to accomplish Gepetto would love to hear from you so call Matthew directly at 804-938-2094 to collaborate in achieving your desired look on your projected budget.

In a restaurant landscape of increased franchise conglomeration, we feel you have a greater opportunity to distinguish yourself and provide the small creature comforts we all seek in a mid-day reprise for a cup of coffee or a sandwich.  

In the competitive restaurant industry, the atmosphere is almost as crucial as the menu. Today’s establishments are keenly focused on offering not just excellent food but also an unforgettable experience. The trend is towards complex artistic fittings and furnishings, which play a pivotal role in creating a vibrant, engaging ambiance for diners.

Why Complex Artistic Fittings and Furnishings?

Artistic fittings and furnishings are increasingly recognized for their power to transform the aesthetic and feel of a restaurant. These intricately designed elements offer more than just utility; they provide a visual feast for patrons, serving as conversation starters and enhancing the overall dining experience. With complex, artistic pieces, restaurants can craft a unique identity, making their spaces memorable and distinct.

Craftsmanship at its Finest

Complex artistic fittings require a masterful hand and a keen eye for detail. Skilled craftsmen spend hours, often days, meticulously shaping, carving, and assembling each piece. The process is elaborate, involving various techniques to bring out the beauty and character of the materials used, typically wood and metal. These craftsmen often incorporate traditional methods while also embracing innovative technologies to achieve precision and complexity in their designs.

A Blend of Functionality and Art

Artistic furnishings aren’t merely about aesthetics; they seamlessly meld form with function. These pieces are designed considering the practical needs of a restaurant while not compromising on their visual appeal. For instance, tables might be crafted to offer the optimum dining space while featuring elaborate designs and patterns that elevate their look. Chairs are constructed to provide comfort for extended periods, all while being visual masterpieces in their own right.

Tailoring to Themes

Complex artistic furnishings are often tailored to resonate with the theme or cuisine of a restaurant. Whether it’s a modern, minimalist vibe or a more classic, opulent look, these fittings are customized to align with and enhance the desired ambiance. For restaurants offering international cuisines, fittings might reflect cultural motifs and traditional designs, providing diners with a taste of the culinary journey they are about to embark upon.

Investment in Durability

These intricate fittings are not just about immediate impact; they are investments in the restaurant’s future. Crafted from high-quality materials and treated to withstand the wear and tear of busy restaurant life, these pieces are built to last. Their timeless designs ensure that they remain relevant and captivating, contributing to the restaurant’s appeal for years to come.

Creating Signature Spaces

With artistic fittings and furnishings, restaurants can create signature spaces that set them apart from the competition. These areas, often Instagram-worthy, become focal points for marketing and social media sharing, helping to attract a wider audience. Signature spaces imbued with art and complexity offer guests not just a meal, but an experience worth sharing and remembering.

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In an era where dining out is as much about the experience as the food, complex artistic fittings and furnishings for restaurants have moved into the spotlight. These pieces, crafted with skill and creativity, offer a harmonious blend of functionality and art. They play a significant role in defining a restaurant’s character, making each visit a unique, delightful experience for patrons. By investing in such exquisite fittings, restaurant owners are not just decorating their space; they are crafting an identity, telling a story, and offering an experience that diners will savor long after their meal has ended. Each piece serves as a testament to the establishment’s commitment to providing an unmatched dining experience, where every detail is carefully considered and executed with precision. The result is a space that is not just seen but truly experienced, leaving a lasting impression on every guest who walks through the doors.