Heartpine texture kitchen detail photos

Gepetto attempts to stand out in our kitchen details

We design our kitchens to expose the beauty in the materials and fabricate them by hand from reclaimed lumber to allow the natural processes of aging to show in the finished product.

Hand turned pedestals reveal the long and varied natural grain of the heart pine through the arc’d design.  The solid wood joinery is exposed on the drawer facing showing the sidegrain of the heart pine, as well as the depth of quality in the joinery that will last for generations.

Our wood craftsmen hand pick the naturally aged barnwood and match it for grain, size and color across each of the cabinet panels for the most pleasing results.

The crown molding topping this free standing cabinet shows the insect damage in some of the reclaimed woods from this property.  Since the barn that was torn down to renovate this kitchen was on the same property, all the aging elements become the story of the new construction.  We chose to use the dotted pieces in the crown molding as they add interest, while the wide vertical faces of the cabinets feature clean uninterrupted wood grain.  The handmade attention to detail here can be easily missed, so we’ll just point it out for you to take in slowly as you shop contractors for your custom kitchen remodel.

Heartpine texture kitchen detail photos

We hope you enjoy looking at our heartpine textures and details as we love the warm organic variety of wood. We hope you share, pin or do that social media thing with our images and recommend us to any of your friends trying to remodel their kitchen. Our expertise designing for small spaces, and highlighting unique materials will bring your kitchen redesign to life. Give Matthew a call today!