Museum Restoration Woodwork

In this project summary we show the finished traincar doors, authentically handmade new again from our Richmond VA shop. The traincar on display at the Science Museum of Virginia hosts classes from it’s original 1891 construction. Gepetto craftsmen rebuilt and replaced the freight doors and hinge mechanisms as well as the other entrace and exit doors matching the original solid wood joinery technques.

Built New to Historic Standards

Newly built to historic quality and matching craftsmanship for museums, historic sites, and autentic home restoration.  Gepetto craftsmen build using solid wood joinery, square mortises and other historically accurate techniques no longer used in today’s CNC modern build styles.

Restoration Carpentry

Notice in the video the fine detailed transitions at the corners, double bevels and other detailed elements.  Back  in 1891 those detailed were probably put in with hand-tools.  We can do the same, but in our mixed-modern shop we build by hand with electric power tools and custom made industrial tooling that replicates the effects of hand tooling with fewer mistakes and faster processing. 

When other shops quote your project, they’re probably quoting all new tooling to mee your needs.  We have a rack of profile bits ready to load into our machines.  We can retool and rebuild a workflow around windows, trim, doors, and floors.

Wooden Window Restoration VA

Gepetto supplies more historic wooden windows than any other supplier on the east coast.  Wood window production has become our specialty because keeping historic windows makes construction elgible for historic tax credits.  Gepetto craftsmen build to order frames, casings and sashes to keep your renovation building project on timeline. If you are planning to restore a historic warehouse or derelict building take a look at historic tax credits to make the financial equations balance.

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Made To Order Wooden Door Washington DC Capitol Region

  Solid Wood Door Custom Designed Richmond The process: 1. Call Matthew, and talk through your needs (click to call) - good old fashioned customer service by a master craftsman.  Ask us about our proprietary laminate system for building enhanced engineered solid...

Complex Wood Manufacturing | Historic Restoration & Building Gepetto manufactures complex wood products. Historic Restoration and Building projects require specified wood products build using historic methods and our Richmond shop has years of experience producing hand made wood...

Warehouse Renovation Woodworking

Trust Gepetto with your most complex architectural designs built in wood. Historic Warehouse Renovations Historic warehouse renovation happens to be a specialty of ours because of Richmond's tobacco row.  Located just below the rapids of the James River, and dating...

Historic Renovation | Replica Wooden Windows

Timelapse video of Replica Wooden Windows being built on our woodshop assembly line in Richmond VA. Built for a historic renovation in Spartansburg SC our craftsmen forge raw mahogony planks into finely tuned handmade windows.

Custom built wood skylights

Original skylights were designed in historic buildings to play a significant architectural role in illuminating the magnificent interior spaces below them.  Historic skylights were placed to catch the light not have easy access for repair so and so are poorly...

District of Columbia Historic Decorative Windows

Decorative Windows manufactured in Northern VA by dedicated local craftsmen able to repair and or replace all sizes and finishes to achieve the historic look.  Whether you're applying for historic tax credits or finishing your new construction with an older...

Historic Replica Architectural Millwork

Guess the age of the house shown here sporting Gepetto's historic replica architectural millwork. Is it 225 years old 150 years old 2 years old The Answer:  Did you pick "2 Years old"? You're not the only one mistaken. Many people mistake this house for a famous home...

Historic Restoration Architectural Millwork Richmond VA

The New England School of Architectural Woodworking has the best definition we could find for architectural woodwork as: “…all the wood exposed to view when the building is completed.  This includes residential and commercial cabinetry (kitchens, baths, storage,...

Virginia Wood Window Restoration

The history of America beats from the heart of VA, particularly during the pre-Colonial period. Jamestown Virginia was founded in 1607 and was credited as the first permanent English settlement in North America while Henricus was even earlier, but was moved due to...