Mass Quantity Wooden Window Fabrication Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina

Gepetto Millworks passionate craft of historic wooden window building brings wood to life crafting high-quality, custom wooden windows to match historic profiles. But we understand that large-scale construction projects require not just beauty, but efficiency, and timeliness. Matt’s 30 years of shop management mean your contracted timetables are met whether it be the 450 framed windows for the Spartansburg SC Montgomery building in 2018, or the timed release of the 3 year renovation of the Babcock Building in Columbia SC.  We excel in mass quantity window fabrication for general constractors and developers relying on the historic tax credit to make sure their balance sheets stay profitable throughout Virginia and the Southeast states of Washington DC, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Historic Match and Modern Speed of Delivery

With over 3 million in completed contracts, and architectural costing experts on our side, our years of experience in window fabrication make us the silent partner to most of the large scale historic renovations, restorations or building projects in the mid-atlantic.  We have a proven track record of delivering high-volume orders on time and on the agreed upon budget.  When we are timely, your whole project stays on budget!

Scalability With Timless Construction Methods:

Our facility can handle workflow changes in a LEAN manufacturing model and there is no parallel to our human resources walking the shop floor.  Our expert team smoothly handle projects of any size from a single high visual impact or oversized wooden door.  To delivering 100 sashes a week on a short timeline.  Gepetto’s commitment to Quality means authentic Honduran Mahogony or Acetylated Accoya woods will perform as they should for the next half century or longer.  The finest historic materials can be improved with selective tricks of the trade like weather stripping & UV films on glass that reduce heat transference.  The historic architectural profile is kept true for tax credit certification, but rigorous testing has been done both in the lab and in real life with oversized historic windows surviving tornado winds.  They really did make things to last in the past, and we can help guide your costing measures to calculate for the difference in durability and authentically made historic window has.

Tooling Up for Efficiency: Optimizing Mass Quantity Window Production

To deliver exceptional efficiency for your mass quantity window order, we leverage a simple pragmatic workflow that is not advanced tooling but streamlined workflows with more of the basic tools running at the same time. Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machines may be automating the cutting, drilling, and shaping of window components at other facilities – but we believe the small bit size and small spindle size hinder accuracy – and we’ve shown it in high volume production.  We solve for more throughput with more talented craftsmen using machinery that hasn’t changed since the 1890’s.  Precision and repeatability come from a careful eye on each step of the process that a computer simply doesn’t have.  This ensures quality wages in our human run shop and developing a legacy of wisdom and experience in our employees.

Jigs and Fixtures Save the Day:

Custom jigs and fixtures hold window components in place during cutting or assembly, streamlining the process. This allows our skilled craftspeople to focus on building details while increasing speed.  Beyond the tools themselves, our meticulous workflow management is key to delivering your mass quantity windows on schedule. We don’t even use computers for this!  Our production books are produced in quaduplicate – and verbally and visually checked off by hand to pencil at each stage of production or delivery.  Everyone knows how to use a pencil, and it eliminates battery wase from landfills tongue-out.  Seriously, the tactile joy of crossing off pieces delivered is a match to our highly detailed shop drawings.  We builders are visual and tactile creatures, not software pixel pushers.  Our foreman is totally comfortable with all your photographic stage documentation to ensure checkoffs in your modern construction management software, we’ll definately participate to meet your needs – but we won’t be creating any timeline or software glitches on our part!

Detailed Project Planning:

We will be requiring materials deposits and multi stage payment plans in our contract.  Our products are not all or nothing and the more we all minimize risks in our contracts the more we can work together harmoniously.  Planing production accordingly we can safely allocate resources and order sufficient raw materials to keep from hindering production speed.  That deposit we requested in contract maintains a robust inventory of the high-quality lumber and other materials to keep us on schedule.

Communication is Key So Let’s talk today:

We maintain open communication channels with you throughout the entire process. At the time of writing, we have a three month waitlist for any type of product.  Call Matthew today to and pepper him with your most difficult questions or concerns you may have 804.938.2094. While efficiency is critical for mass quantity window fabrication, Gepetto Millworks never misses the small differences in physical opening ensuring a snug fit for old buildings.  To get that snug fit in our production timelines, talk early – in the planning and costing stages to avoid material procurement delays and other avoidable construction management issues.

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