Gepetto craftsmen build custom millwork projects to specification.  We procure and process solid raw wood materials into the vision you have for your home.  Whether it be solid live edge slabs for countertops, bartops or dining room tables or featuring solid aluminum pipes and klee clamps for a minimal modern look as in the condo complex featured in this video.  Gepetto Millworks brings wood to life for your home projects.

The 1. Custom Moulding Profiles

Moulding is a strip of material used to cover transitions between surfaces and/or provide decorative lines. Common types like crown moulding at the top of a wall are considered a ‘luxury’, or  baseboards connsidered essential to cover the variances in the flooring to wall joints.  IF you’ve never heard the term “chair rails”  you’d be looking at a strip of moulding at the height of the back of a chair.  The feature of a chair rail or wainscoting breaks up the surface of the wall in 1/3, or by the golden mean for a pleasant feature.  Paint colors above tend to be lighter, and below tend to be darker bringing a dimensional feel to a room.

You can install trim in any room of the home, though certain types of moulding are reserved for specific areas such as ‘casing’ the term for moulding around a window.  Gepetto can produce custom molding profiles in solid wood allowing for a clear coat or stain to bring out the grain details in the wood species.  If you are renovating a home, moulding is a first choice in providing higher levels of finishing and design than the house was built with.

2. Built-in Furniture

Built-in furniture grows in popularity and wanes against other trends but because it makes clever use of the available space we feel it is a timeless choice! Avoid the need to invest in new furniture which is often of lower quality construction. Popular built-in furniture ideas would include:

  • bookshelves
  • day bed, or window bed
  • entry way cabinetry or closet space
  • wine storage racks or cases
  • work from home desks
  • window seat with trunk

Built in millwork gives a space the initial intention that can really transform it.  Entry way built in nooks for coats can really help minimize the clutter of life that piles up if space isn’t made for each item. 


3. Ceiling Medallions

Decorative ceiling medallions are a nearly forgotten option but the warmth of wood can be a centerpiece of lighting.  Your room design will benefit from the otherwise ignored ceiling which a beautiful medallion or frame can showcase a hanging chandelier or light fixture with stained glass or shadow casting openings.

4. Wall Paneling

Wall paneling, or wainscoting if it comes up to waiste height, is a common way to design your walls for variety. Walls are generally flat and boring, spice it up with wood grain and pull that grain element into a table to match. Wainscoting dresses up the walls using wood paneling on the lower third, or half depending on the ceiling height.  You can add a victorian finial supported shelf at the top of your wall to display items or mount a sound system.  Paneling can cover wiring and media system elements to create a theater room that doesn’t look like it was made for Star Trek.  Gepetto does not produce plywood, but we do produce the unique elements that will tie your room together around windows, or a fireplace.

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