Southern Plantation Historic restoration contractor

Wooden construction restored from a gutted historical property including:cabinetry, kitchen design, wardrobe style kitchen storage, fireplace mantles, bathroom storage, laundry hideaway, china display shelving, custom closet design (NYC theme), skylight.

Project Spotlight: Theater Room and hybrid spaces

I was hired for this large home project by a local contractor I have experience working with in the past. Trust is a valuable and scarce commodity in the building industry unfortunately. I write these articles in the trust building process with you, as you consider hiring your contractor, because creativity and better design come out of a trusting working relationship! The theater room hybrid project showcases a design suggestion made by the Gepetto Craftsman after looking at the plans drawn by the architect for elliptical windows topping off the glass doors to the porch. When I got the architectural drawings and took a look at them I felt that the drawings were leaving out a huge opportunity in the woodworking in the room. Let me give you a picture to set the stage: