Virginia Office Space Construction & Fabrication
creative office interior construction


$89 to $142/SF

Upgraded with some drywall ceiling areas with indirect cove lighting,
architectural woodwork doors and frames, glass office fronts in matching
wood framing; 30% of wall areas as premium-grade architectural woodwork,
40% with acoustical fabric wallcovering, 30% as painted drywall; extensive
wood veneer millwork with granite countertops, $45/yd broadloom carpet,
more extensive lighting and custom fixtures for artwork and accent areas

creative office interior construction
Creative Office Space Design Virginia

Price Per Square Foot

According to Remodeling Magazine, the average home-office renovation runs $187.50 per square foot. This includes new cabinetry, countertops, added storage space, new carpeting, new drywall and modernized electrical wiring. You can find square footage by multiplying the length of a room by its width. Example: a 12-foot-by-12-foot room amounts to 144 square feet. The cost for renovation using Remodeling Magazine’s average figure would be 144 times $187.50, or $27,000.

Hourly Rates for Contractors

According to, you can expect to pay carpenters an average of $70 per hour. Electricians earn $65 to $85 per hour, and painters earn $20 to $35 per hour. You will pay plumbers $45 to $65 per hour. You will find it difficult to estimate the total number of hours you will need for each type of contractor, so ask each one to give you an estimate of hours. This will help you see where each contractor gets the total figure for the estimate on the job.

Creative Office Space Design Virginia
Virginia Office Space Construction & Fabrication
Richmond VA Office Interior Construction


$136 to $183/SF

5,000 sf, kitchen to have 2×4 washable surface suspended ceiling, quarry
tile flooring, FRP walls, all equipment by others; servery to have drywall
ceiling with indirect cove lighting, ceramic tile flooring, painted drywall;
dining to have mix of drywall and acoustical ceilings, 2×2 lighting, indirect
cove and pendant accent lighting; some low walls with architectural
woodwork paneling as room dividers, $45/yd carpet tile for 75% of floor
area and ceramic tile for the remainder

Richmond VA Office Interior Construction
Creative Office Space Design Virginia

Now, the walls are coming down. Driven by changing work styles, mobile technology, and the growing presence of Millennials—people born between the early 1980s and 2000—today’s workplaces are changing, mostly for the better. Perimeter offices are disappearing, floor plans are opening up, and trendy breakout areas and cafés are replacing the rigid, closed layouts of the past, says Barry Fries, founder and CEO of contractor B.R. Fries & Associates. “More than ever, we see young companies owned or dominated by Millennials gravitating toward historic downtown buildings, where they’re installing sustainable, laid-back interiors with adaptable furniture systems and a surprisingly high finish quality,” he says.

Barry Fries

B.R. Fries & Associates

Creative Office Space Design Virginia
Virginia Office Space Construction & Fabrication
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