Measure the height and diameter of the space you need to fit your staircase contact Gepetto to begin the drawing process. Our architectural drawings will include clearances from walls and floor for the handrails and supporting structure built in wood or steel.

Virginia Wooden Spiral Staircase Manufacturer

Calculate your tread quantity by dividing the total height from the standard 6 or 8 inch tread height. The three main components of the spiral staircase design are the center post (which bears the weight of everything), the risers (which sit in the post), and the treads (the actual steps that attach to the risers). In this case, the center post of our staircase is black locust, perhaps 10-12″ in diameter at the base.

The distance from the floor of one level to the floor of the next level determines the size of your staircase. Measure the vertical distance from the bottom and use the formula:

Handrail Length = square root[(Height^2 + (2 pi Radius)^2)]

In this equation, “pi” is a constant of 3.14, and the notation “^2” means to square the preceding number or calculation. This calculation also assumes one full rotation of the staircase, which is common.