District of Columbia Historic Decorative Windows

Decorative Windows manufactured in Northern VA by dedicated local craftsmen able to repair and or replace all sizes and finishes to achieve the historic look.  Whether you’re applying for historic tax credits or finishing your new construction with an older architectural style that includes gables, imperfect glass, decorative panes, intricate diamond window panes or round windows.

Washington, D.C. Decorative Window Fabrication

The windows on many historic buildings set and define the architectural character of the buildings in which they allow light into.  The external window casings and their decorative elements show the difference between the architectural styles and historic periods in which they were favored.  Restore or renovate your home or multi-story building to historic standards eligible for tax credits using classically created wood products from here in Virginia.

Arlington, Virginia Historic Window Custom Builder

Design, craftsmanship, and glass qualities make wooden windows worthy of preservation.  We regularly restore windows 100+ years old and expect our solid wood newly built windows to last as long with regular maintenance.

Alexandria, VA Unique & Odd circular window order for manufacture

This is self-evident for ornamental windows, but it can be equally true for warehouses or factories where the windows may be the most dominant visual element of an otherwise plain building.


Bethesda, Maryland Wooden Architectural Decorative Elements made to order


Evaluating the significance of these windows and planning for their repair or replacement can be a complex process involving both objective and subjective considerations which our experienced estimators and installers will take care of for you.

Frederick, MD Architectural Millwork Custom Fabricated to measure


Gaithersburg, Maryland Fit and Finish Wood Trim for windows, doors, and interior rooms.  Historic Window builder using authentic construction techniques for solid wooden windows.


Reston, Virginia Handmade Custom Millwork for Historic Homes and Buildings


Rockville, Maryland Area Wooden Architectural Elements that stylize homes and offices
Top of the window called the head casing has a drip cap to keep water from entering through gaps in the top of the opening. A cornice or crown molding can add decorative detail to the physical effect and structure.  Exterior window trim has a windowsill, which, like the drip cap, keeps the interior dry and blocks the elements but it’s width, ornamentation, and corner detail create a style out of a line.
Silver Spring, Maryland Built to Order Wooden Windows, Doors and Architectural Elements of any architectural style

Legal Disclaimer:

Gepetto Millworks does not install or service windows directly in the District of Columbia.  Local Liscensed Contractors may deliver window sashes and or frames to our Virginia facility outside Charlottesville for restoration services provided by our experienced craftsmen and pickup for installation from our shop.

American Siding and Windows is a local contractor available for on-site service.