East Coast Warehouse Renovation | Solid Wood Spiral Staircase

East Cost Warehouse Renovation with three story spiral staircase

This warehouse renovation chose a spiral staircase design to connect the landings of each level.

Gepetto craftsmen managed the design, steel fabrication and solid wood tread construction.  A millwork specialist is a job site peacemaker.  The mill work brings the electrical contractor, the plumber and the carpenter into the same room to achieve the culmination of a kitchen or a complex three story circular staircase.  A mill work installer has often graduated from construction management where they have already made sure that the corners meet and are square and plumb.  Envisioning the project problems & hangups – from the smallest detail up to the grand sweep is the responsibility of the Gepetto team in design consultation as well as fabrication details.

The development of old warehouses into office spaces, mixed use areas and apartments or lofts lends itself well to Gepetto’s signature building products.  Gepetto has reclaimed many board feet of lumber from warehouses marked for demolition. We have turned those beams into doors, counter tops, solid wood joinery tables, free standing islands, and all manner of decorative trim.  Contact us to include the warm authenicity of solid beam finishing products in your renovation plans.

Spiral staircase for space management and an elegant entry way

Contractor contact for Warehouse Renovation

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