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Historically restored Glen Roy Estate for Sale on the lovely Chesapeake Bay

Carter Real Estate Lists the property available August 2019

An architectural masterpiece built in 1853, meticulously restored by Gepetto craftsmanship honoring the original materials and techniques. A douse of imagination and thoroughly great taste add modern amenities like washers, driers and luxury bath amenities .  Windows, woodwork, staircases, floors and plaster moldings all original design restored or renewed by Gepetto’s historic millwork services.  You might see “Over-sized” windows bringing gorgeous views of the changing weather patterns over the bay into every room but then you’d remember this was built before light bulbs and realize how the architectural elements add natural light to almost all corners of the home.  These details add up to living in the historically significant property. It’s not just luxurious living, it’s living closer to nature.  The Impressive estate property can be upkept with a simple call to the craftsmen here who helped restore it, or you can add your own design or finishing touches with our master builders help.

In 1642, the land of Glen Roy was patented by a 600-acre land grant patented by English King Charles I.  During the Civil War it was the site of the Battle of Glen Roy when the house was the headquarters for Union Soldiers. Today, Glen Roy encompasses almost sixty acres of farmland, woods, and sweeping lawns that extend to the shore of the Ware River in Gloucester, Virginia.  Set high up and back from the water as historically safe from flooding.

The classic Greek Revival proportioned manor house presents the characteristic four-over-four Georgian floor plan with a three-section center hall. The central staircase will weave it’s tendrils around your heart as it winds three floors up to a sky-lit cupola with widow’s walk. The custom restored skylights are a unique bit of carpentry that manages airflow, moisture and light in a brilliant design that taught us some things about how well thought out builders of the era practiced their craft.

13 total rooms – with 15-foot ceilings downstairs and 14-foot on the second floor give spacious and airy feel to timeless proportions. Elegant and comfortable room size does not overwhelm but allows a moderate feel to a very spacious house. Along the west elevation on the river, the hall, living room and dining room open to a sixty-foot glass conservatory. The moderate room sizes are designed to be heated by the 12 working fireplaces as dictated by the time period. Living in the modern age, these small architectural differences show the natural elegance of architectural design that incorporates environmental factors.

The nineteenth-century carriage house was converted to a seven-room guest house with two bedrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen, and two marble bathrooms. The spirit of the original structure was preserved by transforming the front carriage entrance into an over-sized window, dramatizing the interior space and giving a full view of the water. The oldest building, with east gable entrance and west gable end chimney above a raised brick cellar, features oyster shell mortar, 5-course common bond, beaded weatherboard, and six-over-nine double-hung sash windows. Once a doctor’s office, it has been restored to a delightful library. Adjacent are the fascinating ruins of an early, circular brick dairy. The frame, two-bay garage has two rooms on the second floor – now smart offices — with bath and kitchen on that could accommodate household staff or security.  The striking, antebellum grain barn displays a rich, picturesque patina. Also, included are an early 20th-century frame stable, sheep shed, and lawnmower shed.

Historic Restoration Builder

Exquisite original architecture, estate presence, and coastal lifestyle, Glen Roy exemplifies the ultimate Chesapeake Bay country experience.