Cape Charles, VA 23310 Wooden Windows, Doors and Home Products

Gepetto builds to order Wooden Home Products for delivery and installation in Cape Charles that meet the ordinance for historic renovation and construction. Your home remodel or restoration will meet local code and building guidelines with our handmade wood products from downtown Richmond Virginia.

Custom wood doors hand hewn mortise and tenon joined
Custom wood doors hand hewn mortise and tenon joined

Solid Wood Doors of any design

The most used piece of architecture in any room, the focal point of the front of your house, we handmake your door to refurbish the historic look or to take the appearance in new directions with creative elements. All doors will be hand made from solid wood stock in whatever specie you specify. Oaks classic to Virginia, Walnut for a dark rich look or Mahogany to weather the humidity and moisture we can advice and collaborate on any technical or design issue you may have. We have years of experience working with and through historic societies, planning and zoning boards and local inspectors. Gepetto can join you at any stage of the building process and support the collective goals of the Cape Charles zoning and building ordinances.

Historically Accurate Wooden Windows

The windows on many historic buildings are an important aspect of the architectural character of those buildings. The window design, craftsmanship, and aesthetic quality make them worthy of preservation. Cape Charles town wide effort to keep that ‘charm’ and historic authenticity may seem like an inconvenience, but it does elevate the real estate value and create a harmony among the buildings. If you are frustrated by the design, approval or historic wood building standards start a discussion with Matthew or one of our staff at Gepetto to get a tradesman on site to move your home’s needed repairs forward. Gepetto’s skilled historic restoration craftsmen don’t normally do house calls, but if a local tradesman does not know where to turn to source authentic materials – come to Gepetto on Williamsburg Road downtown Richmond.

Historic Windows Richmond VA
Historic Windows Richmond VA

Millwork for Historic Virginia

  • “Built-in” room elements
    • bookcases
    • custom storage shelving
    • entertainment and media centers that hide all the wires
  • Cabinetry and Casework of any unique dimension
  • Ceiling trims & embellishments
  • Beams and live edge mantles, countertops, and table tops
  • Chair rails and wainscoting
  • Columns and cornices
  • Doors made of solid wood
  • Moldings for: sashes, doors, windows, and architectural details
  • Custom trim profiles
  • Fireplace mantels
  • Stairway, stair parts, and balustrades
  • Switch-plates and interior wall access points
  • Wall crowns, Coves, Casing, Panel Mould,
  • Caps and baseboard moldings
  • Wall covers or cladding, paneling, and corner beads
  • All wood, hand glazed Windows
Historically Accurate Architectural Millwork
Historically Accurate Architectural Millwork

Cape Charles Wooden Building Supplier

If you are a contractor or handyman in Cape Charles Virginia or the historic districts of Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Norfolk give us a call to produce the exact replica, or freshly milled to order lumber for any project. Big box retailer pricing reflects their staggering inventory and a small mill like us can find and produce opportunities that beat or match lumberyard prices for finished lumber. We can turn spindles, cut custom profiles and turn your project into a unique finished result that a one size fits all lumber yard can not do. Keep (804) 938-2094 in your address book and Matthew will directly service your contractor needs like a fellow professional. Our facility on Williamsburg Rd is easily accessible for load-out of either of our two production bays and you can get right back on I64 or I95 for delivery to your jobsite. If you need delivery by Gepetto, we can optimize your timeline with on-site delivery.

Cape Charles Wood Building Products
Cape Charles Wood Building Products
Cape Charles VA Historic Renovation Supplier
Cape Charles VA Historic Renovation Supplier

Work Scope: Restoration projects primarily focus on the appearance of the house or technical business, while remodels change its whole functionality. With the renovation, you will install new appliances and fixtures and improve the business’s application. In contrast, the remodel allows you to totally change the place when cosmetic changes aren’t enough to change this matter. Customization choice: Renovations will make the business a more fashionable show and bring more useful components to the business, but they can’t change the system entirely. If you need to move up the way by pulling down the wall or totally change the place to make it your own, you’ll need to do a full remodel.

Before you start any remodeling house tasks check with the local authorities to determine the permits needed for this job. Most government and local town halls need licenses to confirm all the work is done according to Cape Charles codes and ordinances. All the required licenses must be recieved before starting construction. Gepetto can refer local contractors and architects who are familiar with the process and can negotiate it with you if it’s your first time.

Gepetto has been in business since 1998 and was founded by former residents of Cape Charles. The company has a strong reputation as one of the best builders in Cape Charles, and they have supplied over 100 homes in the Capes with custom millwork. Gepetto also offers a variety of services including: · custom building services for residential buildings · custom building solutions for commercial buildings · customized design solutions that include interior design, exterior design and interior decoration.

Arriving at the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay in late April, they named the Virginia capes after the sons of their king, the southern Cape Henry, for Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, and the northern Cape Charles, for his younger brother, Charles, Duke of York. On April 26, 1607, upon landing at Cape Henry, Chaplain Robert Hunt offered a prayer, and they set up a cross near the site of the current Cape Henry Memorial.

The site came to be known as the “first landing.” A party of the men explored the area and had a minor conflict with some Virginia Indians. This is where we come in. Our team of experts can help you get started on the right path instead of starting historic battles with the native population. Hopefully that’s now how you feel about the zoning and historic boards, so we can build out the exterior or interior of your home beautifully.