We build for individuals, state parks, historic societies, conservation organizations and companies.
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We will build any specifcation you choose – and your specialty means the cost is lower than you expect!

Our specialty means cost savings for you – get a quote and be surprised at how competitive a handmade door can be.

Historic Doors Installed


Increase Curb Appeal lists the third most important step to take in building curb appeal is to make the door pop!   A solid hardwood door makes a historic home look and feel authentic, or adds organic texture to a modern or urban architecture.

Arc and Curve your style

Gepetto can build curved and arc top doors of any size or design. Single round arc on one door, or a two panel opening with joined arch all add elegance and charm to your entryway.

Design Complex Lights

Complex door framing architectural designs are commonly specified and quoted by our team.  Over lights, side lights, and creative designs in the solid wood door are all achievable by our talented craftsmen.

Clerestory Restoration and Building VA

Clerestory windows have a rich history dating back to ancient times. The concept of the clerestory developed as a solution to challenges faced by architects and builders in creating well-lit and ventilated spaces. Effective innovation found its way into churches, cathedrals, and other structures, where it became an essential element in creating awe-inspiring spaces that manage airflow naturally.

Historic Wooden Door Builder Virginia

You can specify any element for your historic building materials supplied by Gepetto.  Mortise and tennon solid wood joined historic doors made to match or replicate something made in the 17th, 18th or 19th century.

Turn your doors into
architectural statements!


Craftsman Style HomE Millwork

Craftsman Style HomE Millwork

The term “craftsman” is most commonly associated with the American furniture designer Gustav Stickley. He popularized the concepts of handcrafted, functional design in his magazine, “The Craftsman.” Craftsman-style homes gained popularity in newly developing cities in the Midwest and West Coast, inspiring new movements such as the Bungalow, Prairie School, and Mission Revival styles.

The craftsman’s style’s simplicity and practicality had a broad appeal, so it spread widely across cities all over the United States and is still popular today. Contemporary home designs often incorporate architectural elements that are reminiscent of craftsman style, even though many of them are not strictly craftsman-style.

Virginia Federal Period Doors & Millwork

The Federal Period, spanning from the late 18th to the early 19th century, was a crucial era in American architecture that saw the emergence of distinct design elements and principles. In Virginia, during this period, homes became symbols of refined taste and...

Rustic Aesthetic REal wood Manufacturer

Rustic Aesthetic REal wood Manufacturer

Rustic, Country Chic, and farmhouse style aesthetics have gained immense popularity with interior design across Virginia, West Virginia, North & South Carolina the core service areas Gepetto delivers custom wood built millwork within. The appeal boils down to...