Historically woodworkers did not have machine tools available for constructing the decorative and functional pieces for large plantation homes.  Gepetto craftsmen try to replicate the all wood construction techniques used historically, with a blend of late 19th century machinery to keep the labor time at a minimum while achieving an authentic all wood construction.  Gepetto gives restoration projects a budget friendly approach for replacing all wood features.

At the Hewicks plantation project, solid wood gates constructed from spanish cedar form an understated entrance to the historially long diveway lined with mature willow oak trees.  True to 18th century construction methods our shop craftsmen used true through mortise for the pickets.  Underlying their elegant beauty lies the arc of the upper support.  Cutting and shaping the arc challenges the technique of  solid wood mortise construction because of the difficult alignment of the holes through which each slat passes.  The Gepetto craftsmen hand built shop tools to speed the intricate manufacture process while meeting the tight production schedule allowing five days of shop time.  The four gate pieces set the stage at the public road and just in front of the house at the end of the private drive.  The plantation estate is a popular site for weddings with it’s rich character.  Now restored, the wooden gates greet the eyes of new generations of visitors to this historic 18th century home.

Please take a look through the gallery of images detailing the construction it’s accent to the grounds of the plantation.

Gepetto also fabricated the exterior trim, historically accurate windows, and refurbished the doors in this project.

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