The Ladybird Hat Factory is a historical warehouse at 140 Virginia Street on the Canal in Downtown Richmond, Virginia.


The developer, Fulton Hill Properties, took a rundown factory and refurbished it into a modern office space with a gigantic spiral staircase entrance.



Gepetto craftsmen reclaimed the antique posts from the warehouse and milled them into a three story spiral staircase encircling a waterfall.


For each tread a template was formed to custom cut the wood blocks before installation into the iron framework.


The handrails are custom milled to fit the irregular arc of the spiral.


The completion of the project demonstrated the unique abilities of Gepetto MIllworks to apply handmade craftsmanship where computer design could not predict the needs of the project.


Gepetto was able to work within the Developer’s budget.


Run your hand down the railing as you descend from your appointment in the building and feel the joy of being surrounded by the natural presence of wood materials and quality craftsmanship.


In the above handle, a steel bar was inserted into the center of the wood to provide extra structural stability in a high wear area.



Gepetto Millworks are uniquely positioned to provide you with modern quality finished wood projects incorporating a fusion of antique or organic elements in your architectural project!