Original skylights were designed in historic buildings to play a significant architectural role in illuminating the magnificent interior spaces below them.  Historic skylights were placed to catch the light not have easy access for repair so and so are poorly maintained.  Biannual inspection and repair are recommended because the work to restore these old skylights often involves rebuilding and re-designing structural elements.  Gepetto craftsmen will use historic methods and materials if requested, or we can blend modern materials with the historic look. Either choice our replacement or restoration will result in decades of service.

Houses designed before electricity

Used windows for light

Something our architects and designers were not forced to do after the turn of the 20th century.  So for houses built after 1900, you are less likely to find skylights and other natural light gathering features because the designer or builder just assumed you would switch on a lightbulb.  Gepetto craftsmen have specialized in renovating, repairing and building true to original wooden skylights in historic homes across Virginia.  Contact us to get a site visit or quote scheduled.

Common repair or replacement issues:

  • glass – single and double pane; historic glass; stained glass
  • glazing and sealing of the wood to glass joinery
  • flashings and skylight to roof joints
  • structural members supporting the elevated glass
  • sealants

Many of mother nature’s subtle and pervasive forces work against a skylight!  Thermal shifting, structural movement from settling or shifting, high UV radiation, wind vibration and water pressure.  The glazing system must defend against all mother nature offers as disturbance. Shed and drain water, support and cushion the glass, avoid mechanical pressure points, and seal against thermal leakage.

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