Walnut supply quote

Source Kiln Dried Finish Grade Lumber in Virginia

Walnut’s fine grain harvests and dries to a very workable hardwood who’s dense and fine grain structure gives the craftsman a very shape able material. Skilled workmanship brings a polished smooth finish sought for furniture making as well as ornate carving holding crisp details from a router bit, carving knife, or other cutting tools. Burled grain Walnut is highly sought after for veneer and prized by cabinet makers like us for countertops, highly wear resistant surfaces like gun stocks or auto interiors.  If you are looking for kiln drying of harvested walnut in the state of Virginia or any of the other mid-atlantic states like Delaware, Maryland, or Southern Pennsylvania.

Custom harvested and kiln dried walnut

With heartwood ranging from deep purple-brown to reddish-tan, walnut’s cream-colored sapwood offers a sharp contrast that most woodworkers avoid in visible areas of projects. With early and late wood consisting of a similar color and pore-size, the growth rings show, but not with the distinct contrast of oak or ash.  Many kiln-driers pretreat walnut with steam to darken the creamy, white sapwood, minimizing its contrast with the heartwood. That increases the yield of acceptably consistent wood color, but also leeches color from the heartwood, dulling it to a grayer shade.  The downside is that steamed lumber, after planing, generally has a grayish brown color devoid of the nuanced deep purples, browns and yellows you’d find in raw unsteamed material. To be fair, steamed walnut color jumps to life when it’s finished. Plus, all walnut lightens up over the years with exposure to UV light weather it’s steamed or not, and changes to a dark golden amber