Bright Green Details

Do you want to pull your bag of coffee grounds from behind bright green glass knobs, and enjoy the unusual and varied texture of your Pecky Cyprus cabinetry fronts as you ponder your thoughts in the morning?

Great – we’re the kitchen designer for you!!! We delight in materials, and if we need to go tear down a barn for your kitchen, bar or interior details…

We will

Hide the Clutter

Have you noticed that when you let a little clutter start…
…a lot of clutter soon builds up.

We can hide your appliances in cabinetry.
We can design your laundry bins out of sight with the washer and dryer.

…hide your clutter in good design!

De-clutter your kitchen

If you’re like me, visual clutter is actually distracting to your thoughts.

Gepetto Craftsmen can add a facing to your appliances, or hide them in beautifully fitted cabinetry or free-standing fixtures.

Function in a beautiful space.

Call us for a kitchen consultation

We have over ten years experience designing, refurbishing, renovating and correcting poor construction in kitchens all across Virginia.

Call Matthew Wiley at (804) 938-2094 to discuss your project!

I’m so thrilled with the simple and effective kitchen renovations Gepetto did in our older home.  I don’t mind my two boys climbing on the drawers and cabinet doors when I’m not looking because I know they’re built to last.  I love the warm cozy feeling that the reclaimed wood gives the space and the solid wood, live edge table they made for us also takes a beating, but I just see the developing dents as love-marks I can cherish as memories when my boys have grown and gone.  Thanks Gepetto for making our renovation feel like home!


Mother of Two

Heartpine texture kitchen detail photos

Gepetto attempts to stand out in our kitchen details We design our kitchens to expose the beauty in the materials and fabricate them by hand from reclaimed lumber to allow the natural processes of aging to show in the finished product. Hand turned pedestals reveal the...

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Solid Wood Grain Counter Tops

Wood Grain Counter tops showing the Long Grain and live edge vitality of the tree we harvested to make your countertop, worktop, or conference table.

Hide your Kitchen Apliances

I remember the first time I saw a kitchen with appliances tucked away behind cabinet doors. I was a little confused — where was the refrigerator? The dishwasher? They blended right into the kitchen! What do you think about this look? Would you like your appliances...