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We can craft anything from the lightest to darkest long grain finishes, mixing metal and wood

to provide the most unique guest experience of anywhere in your area.

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By 2020 restaurant architecture and design will embody both high-tech advancements and low-tech hospitality, appealing to consumers hungry for modern flourishes like cashless payments as well as the old-fashioned human touch.

The lines between industry segments will blur further, with quick-service chains adopting the upscale decor of casual-dining competitors — localized through art and graphics — and full-service and fast-casual brands adopting tools to speed up service.

At the same time, operators’ efforts to reduce the costs of build-outs, cut waste and bolster their green credentials will have some repurposing old buildings and many investing in energy-efficient equipment and materials.

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Restaurant News

Design forecast: “The idea behind a design movement I call ‘Mixxed’ has its roots deep in the history of America as a bubbling melting pot of unique and very different cultures,” explains Michael Suomi, a principal and VP of design at the firm. “Its translation to design involves the combination of unrelated and unlikely elements, global eclecticism, sensory overload, abundant graphics or artwork and sometimes an eye to the future or distant past. It’s Japanese manga meets Fidel Castro at a Stockholm Street food truck.” Also, the continued notion of an “authentic” dining experience: “Design hallmarks include historic accuracy, hand-craft, raw finished natural materials and endless detailing and accessorizing. Keith McNally has always seen the value of this approach in his perennially-popular Balthazaar and his newly opened Cherche Midi are a testament to this approaches bottom line strengths,”

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Rustic Bar Construction | Custom Restaurant Fittings

The rustic ideal and design theme were desired in this project to attract the weekender tourists from the Washington DC, Baltimore, and Richmond metro areas as they spend a weekend at a nice countryside bed and breakfast or tour the local wineries near Charlottesville VA.

Rustic Restaurant Bar Construction & Fabrication

Country artisans directed the making of this rustic bar from reclaimed wood found just 12 miles from the restaurant site. Service friendly fittings including ceiling mounted shelving and signage juxtapose rustic charm with design elements for speedy and efficient service by the staff.

Restaurant Design Trends

Some of the best restaurant design is intended to go unnoticed. Sure, there will be eye-catching components — a cool mural, a quirky bathroom — but those aren’t as important as the layout, the lighting, the carefully cultivated mood. A well-designed restaurant won’t distract from the food, and especially not from the conversation. Instead, it will subtly contribute to one of those memorable evenings when everything clicks: the meal, the service and the warm vibes.

Architects and designers from six Washington firms that help make such evenings possible spoke with The Washington Post about what inspires them — which in turn might someday inspire home dwellers. Restaurant interiors often contribute to architectural and design trends. Designing for a restaurant, says Michael Francis of Queue Design Agency, is “this great little microcosm of an experience that allows you to experiment on a micro scale.”

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