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Contact Matthew to discuss your specific needs for kiln dried finish lumber of any species.  We can go from harvest to shop in under 14 days now with new microwave kiln drying techniques that use a unique and proprietary combination of pressure and microwave heating to literally pour the water out of the wood on the end grain.  This new kiln drying technique results in straighter, truer, less prone to warp boards, planks and slabs that would have previously taken up to 3 years to dry age.


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for production from our Virginia facility and delivery to your location in the Mid-Atlantic

Kiln Dried Finish Lumber

  • storm downed trees
  • heirloom old-growth tree on your property
  • long grain specialty
  • injured growth, or irregular grain patters
  • accepting all special requests

Home Shop Materials

We are glad to supply your garage woodshop with high quality materials found no-where else to help your finished furniture stand out.

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