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Reclaimed wood has been weathered or aged in it’s original use.  Secondary use now prizes it for re-purposing with character and variety as a new construction element in your home, office or kitchen.  Barnwood reigns as one of the top sources of reclaimed wood because the exteriors of barns were commonly left without any cladding. The age and direct exposure produced deep weathering of the exterior panels by the sun, rain and wind.  Virginia still possesses scores of standing historic barns resulting in a rich market for reused materials especially wood.

Experienced Builders with Weathered Wood

Gepetto craftsmen led the design trend years ago beginning with sourcing the reclaimed wood from all over Virginia.  Raw materials naturally aged and then carefully finishing your kitchen, reception desk, media wall, office space or library.  Our craftsmen feature the antiqued or weathered  look retaining the surfaces for the best effect.  Restaurant designers came to us to build resembling an 18th century Russian manor house. Matthew co-designed an office space with the company logo back lit in a barn wood wall. We fabricate display and entryway walls for strip mall shops giving the new construction a historic feel and rich texture.  In a Blue Ridge VA home renovation where we turned an old farmhouse into a chic bed & breakfast we accented three rooms with barnwood wall planking from their own original out buildings.  Reclaimed lumber constructions for: walls, tables, counter tops, benches, kitchen cabinet facing, restaurant booths, conference room spacers, logo signs, historic signage, and trade show booths supplied by Gepetto.

Reclaimed Wood Creative Builders

For the reason that aged lumber has a limited supply, new lumber can be aged, weathered or distressed to achieve the style desired in a more controlled environment. More predictable results meeting your desired aesthetic without the variation and limits in old lumber.  Gepetto supplies chemically weathered wood projects from our sawmill to meet your specifications.  Be careful in choosing a weathered or distressed look however as you should to prove to yourself that you appreciate the imperfections and alterations before we produce and install your reclaimed wood millwork.  Similarly, we mix the antiqued weather’d wood looks with distressed or aged metals for the most trendy modern mixed aesthetics.  Look through our portfolio of Office Interiors and Restaurant Interiors.

Project Spotlight: Reclaimed Barn turned kitchen, cabinets, and shelves

Project Spotlight: Reclaimed Barn turned kitchen, cabinets, and shelves

A client had a piece of property just West of Richmond, Virginia which housed an old barn dated 1741.  Gepetto Millworks was commissioned to take the wood from the barn to build a kitchen, and custom built-in shelving and seating for the farmhouse that they were...